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Welcome to Figure Pay! Our Banking API is a B2B solution that allows our Program partners to choose which core banking functionality they would like to enable in their mobile app. Programs can choose to create FDIC insured deposit accounts, enable transfers, and complete transactions as well as order debit cards.

This documentation provides a preliminary, high-level overview of the features we plan to provide in our upcoming release. Please discuss launch dates and roadmaps with your Program Manager.

Key Terms:

  1. Program: A business entity partnering with Figure Pay to integrate with our Banking APIs.
  2. Profile: A complete profile represents an end user customer or business registered by a program.
  3. Account: Associated with a profile that has an account and routing number. Programs are able to move money instantly between accounts.
  4. Invoice: Represents an amount owed for goods and services, created by a business profile.
  5. Transaction: Money movement between Figure Pay accounts, externally-linked bank accounts, debit card purchases Visa Merchants, and more.

Resource Relationships

Resource Relationships